Sammy & Ben, Princetown Wedding

November 22, 2015

Long time lovers, besties and proud parents of their baby girl.  Sammy and Ben invited me along to capture their wedding day.. vintage themed, amazing surrounds and full of love from welcoming family and friends!  I loved the pretty details from the textured lace in in the bridesmaids white dresses, matching both little Evannah & Sammy’s lace dresses to Sammy’s grandmother’s vintage ring and family involvement in their special day ~ Grandma Dot’s homemade relish, Sammy’s grandfather walking her down the aisle with her Dad, Ben’s mum walking Evannah down the aisle ahead of the beautiful bride.  Much love to Sammy & Ben for having me along xx

S&B-1S&B-5S&B-2S&B-4   S&B-13  S&B-9 S&B-7   S&B-16

S&B-18 S&B-19 S&B-21 S&B-22 S&B-23 S&B-24 S&B-25 S&B-26 S&B-27 S&B-28 S&B-29 S&B-31 S&B-32 S&B-33 S&B-34 S&B-36

S&B-37 S&B-39 S&B-40 S&B-41 S&B-42 S&B-43 S&B-45 S&B-47 S&B-48  S&B-50 S&B-51 S&B-52 S&B-54 S&B-56 S&B-57 S&B-58 S&B-59 S&B-60 S&B-62 S&B-63 S&B-64 S&B-65 S&B-66 S&B-67 S&B-68 S&B-69 S&B-70 S&B-71 S&B-72  S&B-74 S&B-75S&B-76S&B-77S&B-78S&B-79S&B-80S&B-81S&B-82S&B-83S&B-84S&B-85S&B-86S&B-88S&B-89S&B-90S&B-92S&B-94S&B-96S&B-98S&B-100S&B-101S&B-102S&B-103S&B-104S&B-105S&B-106S&B-107S&B-108S&B-109S&B-110S&B-111S&B-112S&B-113S&B-114S&B-116S&B-115S&B-117S&B-118S&B-119S&B-120S&B-121S&B-123S&B-124S&B-125S&B-126S&B-127S&B-128S&B-129

Sammy’s Lace Gown ~ Dubois Boutique {Currently For Sale if you’re in the market for a bridal business}

Florals ~ Emma Hayden

Celebrant ~ Marcia Thomas

Venue ~ Kangaroobie Camp, Princetown

Music ~ Jesse Cooper

Arbour ~ Kellie @ The Aisle Style Co

Signs ~ Signed By Bird

As Featured in May Issue Absolute Weddings